Our Horses are the real workers!

Let us introduce our beautiful horses! At Historic Savannah Carriage Tours our horses are loved and treasured. They each have special personalities and we know when you get to know them you will love them as much as we do!

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  • Percheron Gelding
  • 18 hands
  • Black with a white star on his forehead
Jake might have a reputation for being slow, but he just likes to take his time showing off how beautiful he is. He has long legs, thick muscles, and the prettiest arched neck you can imagine on a draft horse. He is a romantic horse and prefers only to pull private carriages in the evenings. One look into his big brown eyes and he will steal your heart!


  • Percheron Gelding
  • 17 Hands
  • Solid Black

Felix is the fastest horse in our herd, with the longest legs, and he is always in a hurry to get wherever he is going. He is also one of the sweetest horses you will ever meet, but you do have to remind him it is okay to slow down! He has the longest forelock of all the horses and his one pet peeve is having it brushed and he holds his head out of reach if a driver comes anywhere near it.


  • Percheron Gelding
  • 17 Hands
  • Dapple Gray that is nearly white!
Pepper likes to pretend that he woke up on the wrong side of the bed when you first greet him, but if you tell him how beautiful he is and give him a little love, he will perk right up and change his attitude. He is a creature of habit and when there are detours in the city, he will stop and turn his head around and to look at his driver with a confused face. He has a silly habit of putting his face down and pretending he is drinking at the water bucket long after he has stopped so he can have a longer break.


  • Percheron – Morgan Cross
  • 16 Hands
  • Black with a White Foot!

Abel is the smallest horse we have, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t full of personality. His favorite thing in the world is to have his neck scratched, and if you aren’t going to do so he will find a fence post and scratch it himself. He also loves sweets, especially peppermints, so he has exceptionally fresh breath for a horse. He has one white sock on his back leg, which is the most white any of our dark horses have on their coat.



  • Percheron Gelding
  • 17 hands
  • White on his forehead and a speck of white behind his ear

Robin is the quietest and sweetest horse in the whole barn, and loves to be hugged and loved. If you find the right spot on his neck and scratch it, he will stretch out his neck and make the happiest face you’ll ever see on a horse. He is slow, steady and you can count on Robin to always be listening and willing to do whatever is asked of him. Batman is his brother, and they spend most of their free time in the paddock together.


  • Percheron Gelding
  • 16.5 Hands
  • Pure White

Prince is a very proud white Percheron draft who is all business when he is at work and will not tolerate nonsense from any person or horse. Back at the barn though, especially if offered an apple, he warms up to everyone. He loves to have his neck scratched in his stall and will cozy up to anyone who is willing to do so. He is secretly a softie on the inside, but don’t tell anyone!


  • Percheron Gelding
  • 17 Hands
  • Black with  white star on his forehead

Batman is lucky to have Robin as a sidekick and brother because he is not as brave as his name might suggest, but he still does a beautiful job of pulling a carriage. He prefers to work in the low light of our evening shift. He grows the thickest winter coat out of all the horses and so he needs a haircut every spring! He prefers to spend his free time out in the paddock so he can hang out with Robin.


  • Percheron Gelding
  • 18 Hands
  • Dapple Gray

Salt is the mischief maker in the barn, and has been known to play tricks on the drivers! Sometimes he even sneaks out of his stall and trots off to the hay stack, especially if he thinks he might be getting a bath. Salt’s favorite thing to do is roll in mud and it is rare that a day goes by where he doesn’t need a good scrubbing before work. He loves treats but be careful! He will sometimes put your whole hand in his mouth, along with the snack.